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      Committed to creating Junchuang professional brand to provide you with reliable, stable products
      Compliant with international standards non-woven fabric to provide you with reliable, stable products
      君創 產品中心Product center
      擁有多項產品自主研發制造高標準Have a number of products independently research and development and manufacturing high standards

      Superb technology, skilled craftsmanship

      20 years of experience,Perfect after-sales

      Committed to research and development, with a batchSkilled technical talent


      產品遠銷全國業界好口碑Products are exported to the country

      Adequate supply, factory direct sales, products are sold all over the country, 3,000 cooperation options

      BuildJunchuangBrand - industry leader



      自主研發非標個性定制Non-standard personality customization

      Produce products of various specifications, models and colors according to customer requirements.
      Fully meet the diversified needs of the market

      Provided to many corporate customersPre-sale, sale, after-sales,Personalized customization


      品種齊全服務范圍廣Wide variety complete service

      Wide range of products: electronics, computers, communications, packaging, etc., electromagnetic wave protection materials, absorbing materials, anti-static materials, insulating materials, to solve electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, static electricity consumption, insulation, heat conduction, shielding, high temperature, buffer, seal, Shockproof, non-slip, dustproof, soundproof, blackout, etc.

      Four major products, many varieties and specifications

      君創服務流程Custom process


      Junchuang Electronic Materials Introduction

      Kunshan Junchuang Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of various electronic materials in China for more than 20 years. The company's main products are: EMI shielding materials (copper, aluminum foil tape, copper, aluminum foil Mylar, conductive cloth tape, conductive Foam.) Insulation protection material: (Acetate cloth, various PET release film, various PET (MYLAR) various fluoroplastic release film, various PI film, silicone, Teflon PC, PP ......

      Enterprise style君創企業風采
      • 企業風采
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      • 企業風采
      • 公司新聞/ NEWS
      • 行業新聞/ INFORMATION
      • 影響無紡布價格的要素


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      Enterprise style君創合作客戶
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